Levels of Training:
Reflexology Courses

Reflexology courses are offered in three categories: Basic, Formal and a Teacher Training course.


These classes are intended for people who do not wish to become professional reflexologists but who want enough understanding to work on themselves or their family. The classes are arranged according to demand. Please inquire.


Formal training in foot, hand or ear reflexology leading to certification by the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC). Participants attend classes in which instructions are given in the theory and practice of reflexology. After passing two examinations, one written and one practical, and completing a specified number of case studies, certification is granted by the Association. In order to be trained in reflexology of the hands and ears, participants must first complete the certification in foot reflexology. Classes are scheduled two or three times a year but if these dates do not work, special classes can be arranged. Please contact Danielle to discuss your needs or to make inquiries.


These "train-the-teacher" classes are given by special arrangement. If you have an interest in becoming a reflexology teacher, please inquire. Certification is through RAC.

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