Founder, Training Facilitation Specialist

Danielle GaultAs founder of Corporate & Wellness Training Services, Danielle strives to live by her mission to bring out the strengths in people and organizations through process management skills. This is accomplished through personal and professional counseling and consulting services, public seminars, and in-house training programs. Her range of services addresses the whole human system through the mental principle using thinking-based change and transition processes; the social principle through understanding personality diversity, and the physical principle through developing awareness of our limitations, parameters and health and lifestyle issues. Danielle has combined a degree in Psychology and a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management with thirty years of assisting people in shaping their lives. She believes that effective interpersonal skills and problem solving processes are crucial for all facets of the human side of business. Her work supports opportunities for people to assume a more active role in the control, direction, and shaping of their destinies. Danielle has successfully blended her training in the natural healing arts such as yoga, self-knowledge and reflexology with high-quality personality workshops in team-building, communication, and problem-solving processes. Her strength lies in her belief that the power to shape the future lies in each of us and it is important to find ways and means to tap into this natural intelligence and express the inherent wisdom that each of us has to share.


Corporate Health, Wellness, Safety and Environment Specialist

Gloria PhibbsGloria Phibbs has the credentials and the corporate experience to help improve employee relationships while inspiring leaders to appreciate their employees. Trained as a Chemical Engineer Technologist, Gloria was in charge of the Healthy Workplace Program at Direct Energy for over 10 years. While in this position, she led the Healthy Workplace Program assisting employees in making wiser lifestyle choices which aided them in being more productive and engaged. Her passion is assisting companies in creating the right environment that encourages people to take responsibility for their health by educating them in making healthier lifestyle choices. Her true goal is to make the workplace a great place to work in order for companies to increase attraction and retention. She has dedicated her life to personal growth and to helping companies transform the workplace.

Gloria is connected with Life International, a company whose beliefs and goals are consistent with her own – to encourage everyone to live life inspired. As an example of this principle of life, Gloria is an avid sailor and has sailed around Greece, Turkey, New Zealand, Croatia and the Bahamas and has once, along with her teammates, delivered a sailboat in a hurricane. Due to her passion for sailing, she actually turned down a position with Shell Canada in Calgary because she couldn’t sail there. Gloria Phibbs is:

  • A recognized speaker and authority on Health, Wellness and Personal Growth.
  • A former Director of Wellness and Safety for MAC Cosmetics/Estee Lauder.
  • A former National Corporate Manager of Health, Wellness and Safety for Direct Energy, one of North America’s largest and most respected energy companies. While in this position, she was responsible for developing programs for employees to become “inspired” to change their lives by committing to optimal well-being. Her efforts were translated into savings that exceeded well over a million dollars ….a significant contribution to the company’s bottom line!
  • A past Executive on the Conference Board’s Wellness Committee and has been a significant contributor to shaping growth and development in this field.
  • Presently authoring a book “Saving Limbs and Souls” focusing on corporate wellness and its benefits to the bottom line.
  • Devoted to the study of human behaviour and is now an internationally acknowledged, highly effective successful “Change Agent” within the Personal Development field.....and has demonstrated her effectiveness by teaching thousands of people to become “Every Day Heroes” by allowing them to make a positive contribution to the lives of the people they work with and the people they love.


Sales and Marketing Specialist

In her life as well as in her practice, co-founder of Wellness Training Services, Diana O'Reilly, takes a holistic approach when dealing with self and others. She sees the individual as a whole system consisting of mind, body, and spirit and uses this understanding in her treatments and nutritional recommendations. She combines empathy, understanding, and wisdom in everything she undertakes. Diana is a top-notch marketer who has successfully combined her degree from Ryerson University in business administration with a marketing management major (honours) with her interest in wellness, health, and healing. Diana is one of the few Reflexologists in the world who has operated a successful private clinic for over 20 years. Certified as an instructor with the Reflexology Association of Canada, Diana delivers certification courses in Foot, Hand, and Ear Reflexology as well as Teachers' Training courses in all three modalities. Diana is also trained to provide services and training as a Facial Reflexologist and has a thorough knowledge of the use of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to strengthen the body system. A favourite among students, Diana was awarded Teacher of the Year 2008/2009 from the Reflexology Association of Canada for her teaching excellence. She has actively promoted Reflexology as a speaker at many health-oriented functions and has been instrumental in assisting in the development of the Toronto Chapter (RAC division).


Social Media Marketing Specialist

Dustin MoseleyDustin Moseley, a young entrepreneur who launched his business in Jan, 2012, has been maximizing social media marketing for small businesses including restaurants, bars, health and wellness, authors, musical artists, mobile apps, fitness centers, professionals, and more. Dustin joined our team in March and is responsible for driving our social media results and we highly recommend him to our clients and colleagues to help them grow their business.

More people are researching products and services before making their purchase. These users place their trust in peer recommendations and real-life conversations. Dustin's success has come from his ability to work collectively with business owners. He helps their business look its best online while utilizing the top social networks to build trust among its community, to build brand/product awareness and most importantly, to create and maximize conversations to generate more leads and sales.

As part of our team, we invite you to tap into Dustin's talents to assist you with your company's social media needs. Please enquire here.

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Well-Tempered Life The Well-Tempered Life:
Coach Yourself to Wellness

Publisher: Morgan James, NY.
Paperback, pp. approx. 160.

Danielle distills her 30 years' experience in the healing arts into this book and writes about the three areas that she has found most effective: yoga, personality diversity and reflexology. To read more about this book or order a copy, click here.

Well-Tempered Life Workshop

Date: 1-2 Nov. 2014
Location: RAC Conference, Ottawa, ON.

Reflexology Teacher

Foot Reflexology Teacher Training course. Certification through RAC.
Date: Nov. 3-6, 2014.
Location: Ottawa, ON.

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology course leading to certification through RAC.
Date: Nov. 8-10, 2014.
Location: Oakville, Ontario

Yoga classes in Oakville

Meditative hatha yoga classes.
Dates: Oct. 14, 21, 28 & Nov. 18, 25, 2014.
Location: Chiropractic Wellness Group, 80 Lakeshore Rd. W., Oakville, ON

If you are interested in these or other programs, please contact Danielle.